Good 👍 morning/evening/afternoon to you all! This isn’t a official blogpost but again another announcement!! So our Patron page has finally been published! Where we offer two different sets of Tiers. Where there’s two different options. 1. Tier 1: is for those who are generous and donate from a minimum of a $1 and own yourself a shout out upon both the blog and podcast episode. 2. Tier 2: is a $5 one where at the beginning of each month you’ll get a customised three card tarot/oracle reading delivered to you (inbox of cause 😂). For now this is what we have available at the moment upon our Patron. Which when we have reached enough listeners and readers we will look at and invest in some Merch for you all! That is all folks, thank you all so much for your time and loyalty for taking the time in reading ✌️absolutely appreciate it. Sending all my readings love 💕 light 💡 and abundance 💰 to you all! ✨💕 HASHTAGS 💕✨ #Patron #Patronpage #Patronsuppprter #announcement #Support #Occultic #Occultism #Occultist #Spiritual #Spirit #Spirituality #Spiritualism #Australia #Australianmade #Womanled #Lockdown #Covid #Covid19 <a href="" data-patreon-widget-type="become-patron-button">Become a Patron!</a><script async src=""></script>

Posted by Deleted (1ec90c2e) at 2021-07-26 06:48:36 UTC