APPROVED VENDOR!!!!! Willow’s Paige New inventory in stock. Have more spheres coming next week!!! 10% OFF STILL ACTIVE Front Row Left to Right Smoky Lepidolite Sphere 54mm $42 Smoky Lepidolite Sphere 50mm $35 Lepidolite 50mm $30 Middle row left to right Caribbean Calcite Sphere 62.5mm $60 Golden Healer Sphere 59mm $40 Labradorite Sphere 60mm $65 Back row left to right Blue Hue Agate Spheres 57mm $35 Yellow Agate Sphere 59mm $35 Milky White Agate 60mm $35 SHIPPING STARTS AT $8 and up by weight. I accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo and Fb Pay. The link to my page is below:

Posted by Deleted (d0bede9a) at 2021-08-08 05:53:32 UTC