APPROVED VENDOR Willow’s Paige HELLO, EVERYONE!!! IM CLOSING OUT ALL MY SPHERES!!! EVERYTHING THAT’S STILL HERE MUST GO!!! All prices and sizes are listed below. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Lepidolite $25 50mm Smoky Lepidolite $29 50mm Coffee Calcite $45 61mm Ghost Calcite $40 58mm 2nd ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Pistachio Calcite $44 58mm Caribbean Calcite $51 62mm Golden Healer $40 58mm SOLD 3rd ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Blue Hue Agate $35 57mm Yellow Hue Agate $35 60mm Milky White Agate $35 60mm Shipping starts at $8 and goes up by weight. Shipping in US only. I accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo and Fb Pay. The link to my page is below.

Posted by Deleted (d0bede9a) at 2021-08-13 01:29:00 UTC