So yesterday I was outside in the hot summer’s sun, soaking up its rays. At 12pm noon I use the solar energies to fuel my spell to cleanse and infuse energy back into my crystals.Around the new crystals I create a circle of salt for protection and fountain.*NEVER use a “new” crystal In your spell work without properly cleansing and blessing it completely. You have no idea what, who, or where the object has been…but either way you must consecrate your crystals before using them in your spell work. For this simple cleansing ritual place your crystals on your altar inside the circle of salt. Use white sage to help aid in your spell to banish negative energies and spirts that where attached to it. Your crystals should be in the suns light from 12pm noon. Until 12 am midnight. Oh and the see crystal that I’m cleansing is called Blue Citrine. ☀️🔮☀️💙🔮☀️💙🔮💙☀️🔮💙🔮☀️

Posted by Deleted (6e4ddec3) at 2021-08-14 18:52:14 UTC