APPROVED VENDOR Willow’s Paige Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’m willing to offer all these spheres at a bulk rate with free shipping in the US only. The usual prices listed below per sphere are at my cost and my offer is at the bottom following the descriptions. I’m willing to negotiate as long as it’s reasonable!!!! Serious offers only please!!!!! Thank you! Ghost Calcite Sphere 58mm SOLD Pistachio Calcite Sphere 58mm $44. Caribbean Calcite Sphere 62mm $51. Coffee Calcite 61mm $45. Smoky Lepidolite Sphere 54mm $35 Smoky Lepidolite Sphere 50mm $29 Lepidolite Sphere 50mm $25 These all total up to $269.00. I’m willing to sell the entire lot for $240.00 and I’ll cover the shipping costs as well. I will also be making a post about my towers I have left as well! PM me if you’re interested. Thank you so much!!! The link to my page is below:

Posted by Deleted (d0bede9a) at 2021-08-16 20:15:21 UTC