APPROVED VENDOR Willow’s Paige UPDATE!!!!! ALL TOWERS ARE SOLD OUT!!! Thank y’all for your support! I appreciate y’all!!! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am trying to sell all my towers at my cost then discounted further for a bulk order. The prices are listed below and my offer is at the bottom. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Amethyst Towers $8, $10 Lepidolite Towers $12, $12 Sunstone Tower $18 MIDDLE ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Vesuvinite Tower $10 Sodalite Tower $12 Howlite Tower $6 Calcite Tower $8 BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Druzy Cherry Blossom Tower $35 Yellow Aventurine Towers $6,$6, $6 Peach Moonstone Tower $6 Moss Agate Tower $8, $8 The prices reflect my cost and they total up to $171.00. I am willing to sell the lot for $125 with free shipping in the US only. I am willing to negotiate as long as it is reasonable. Serious inquiries only please. Thank y’all ☺️ I accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo and Fb Pay. Thank y’all 😊!!! The link to my page is below:

Posted by Deleted (d0bede9a) at 2021-08-17 05:23:44 UTC