The Celestial Influence Fine Art Altar Card series features a set of 22, hand painted Altar card prints representing the 10 magickal planets and the 12 signs of the zodiac. These cards are made with the intention to work with magically, placing on the altar when performing spells and rituals that correspond to, and coincide with, specific celestial energies and gifts. Pairing the planet and Zodiac Card during an auspicious transit, like Mercury in Gemini, or Venus in Libra for example, we are able to more deeply refine our aims and hop on the current of these magnified energies at play. Get 20% off of this set as well as all of my other magickal offerings by following the link below! This project is so very dear to me... It is my soul work and I have enjoyed every step of its creation. From the research to the analysis of how each sign and planet manifests, to the Magickal encounters with various nature spirits who aided me in the creation of each piece, symbol, and concept. Working with these cards on my altar has been highly transformational for my practice. Having a visual, a deeply intricate and hermetically symbolic representation of these energies, has allowed me to know what and whom I am working with so much more intimately and has added a deeper relationship to my craft, the powerful portal that is my altar, and the stars. They are simply divine 💕 ✨These cards are like talismans, meant to be placed on your altar to invoke these energies for manifestation work and for simply communing with these archetypal energies in a deeper way. Pair the Planetary Influence cards with the Zodiac cards during auspicious astrological transits✨ Featured are the Planetary Influence set, the Signs of the Zodiac set, the Moon altar card, the Sagittarius altar card, and an example of pairing cards during auspicious transit of the Sun in Aries with a full Moon in Libra ♥️ Much love 💕

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