🌙 Lunar Ritual Magick Set✨ The Moon radiates divine, motherly love. She is the queen of letting go, diving in, sewing seeds, and manifesting dreams. Connected deeply to the tides and the sea, the Moon rules the intuition, the emotional body, and the subconscious. Like a wise, loving elder, she is gifted at reminding us when to turn inward for self reflection, and when to be seen in our immense power. Included in this set are… A 1 oz. bottle of hand-crafted Mugwort ritual oil A pouch of Mugwort infused dead sea bath salt A handmade Mugwort, Lavender and Sage cleansing stick An “Ode to the Moon” fine art print A Wooden easel A White, hand rolled beeswax candle Two Selenite wands Illustrated instructional cards including:Intention Suggestions pertaining to the Moon, Lunar Correspondances, A guided Lunar Meditation, and An Ode to the Moon (to invoke). One high quality magnet flip-top box By following her path in the sky and ruminating on her phases of light, the Moon constantly lends us the opportunity to learn how to align our own cycles with hers, to reach optimal energy, balance and health. Each Planetary Ritual Magick set carries a profound intimate and hand-made quality. This divine collaboration between Stolas Botanicals and myself, Annasbreath, is fully felt in each aspect of this experiential ritual set. ♥️This is a limited edition set with only 4 boxes available!♥️ Each one is made with SO much loving intention from our loving hands. ✨Receive 20% off for the next couple days only!✨ Find out more by following the link below: Listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1050764560/lunar-ritual-magick-set

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