Candle colors and their magical meanings: White Candle- 7th Chakra- (can be used in place of any other color candle) Peace, blessings, purity, tranquility, serenity, higher self, consecration, cleansing, protection, truth. Black Candle- 1st Chakra- Banishing, removing negativity & negative energy, unblocking, binding, cleansing, aides loss, releasing, meditation & deep thought, focus, strong protection against unwanted forces. Red Candle- 1st Chakra- Love, passion, fire, desire, sexuality, lust, romance, vigor, strength, action, courage, intense emotion. Pink Candle- 4th Chakra- Happiness, self love, self esteem, nurturing, peace, friendship, emotional healing, caring, mending the broken, healing emotions. Orange Candle- 2nd Chakra- Strength, success, good fortune, optimism, encouragement, celebration, personal strength, adaptability, justice, business success, opportunity, ambition. Yellow Candle- 3rd Chakra- Communication, clairvoyance, spirit realm, energy movement, learning, reason, enlightenment, imagination, creativity, joy, confidence, hope, comfort. Green Candle- 4th Chakra- Growth, prosperity, abundance, success, business success, money, stability, balance, fertility, nature. Blue Candle- 5th & 6th Chakra- Wisdom, truth, memory, harmony, peace, calm, protection, loyalty, devotion, intuitive insight, forgiveness, job spells, weather spells, occult power. Purple Candle- 6th & 7th Chakra- Psychic powers, Psychic power protection, astral travel, house protection, family protection, peaceful sleep (do not leave candles burnign while sleeping, burn and snuff out before bed) Authority, reveal hidden knowledge. Silver Candle- 6th & 7th Chakra- Moon energy, resolving complex issues, removes influences, judgement, counteracting magic used against you, stopping wheels in motion, intuition. Gold Candle- 3rd Chakra- Sun energy, developing aura, breaking bad habits, overcoming addiction, luxury, generosity, success, understanding, fast good luck, happiness. Brown Candle- 1st Chakra- Earth, grounding, animals, nature, physical healing, growth, plant/ animal protection & healing, finding lost items, remembering things forgotten. Multi-color, decorative or festive Candle- All Chakras, unlimited possibilities, forms to whatever intention you're using them for. Intention is everything and can work with any color, style or variation of candle. Birthday candles are excellent magical tools to keep on hand, they come in many colors and burn quickly with little mess! Witchy Tips: Carve or inscribe your intention, your name, other persons name, date, desired outcome, sigil, sigil you create yourself, a symbol depicting the situation or outcome for a personal affect. Dress candles in oils and herbs based on your intention and desired outcome. Place stones and crystals around your spell candle set up for a magical boost and to help keep the energy around you clear!

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