Happy Venus day beautiful people ♥️🌸♥️ Our beautiful Venus Ritual Magick set is ready to be seen and received! Venus magick is my favorite... By sharing intimate space with Venus, you are inviting a deeply loving communion to form with the goddess of Love, Beauty, Balance and Pleasure who resides within you, always. Notice how all of these areas imply one’s relationships with both Self and other... That is Venus’ super power, guiding us in being in right relation with life. When you work with Venus, you will first become initiated by her through falling madly in love with yourself, and once this power of compassion for oneself is unconditional, she will invite you on a journey to fully see what pleasures reside in the full spectrum of our external experience here on Earth. Included in this set are... A 1 oz. bottle of hand-crafted Rose + Vervain infused ritual oil A pouch of Rose petal infused dead sea bath salt A handmade Mugwort, Lavender and Sage cleansing stick An “Ode to Venus” fine art altar print A Wooden easel An green, hand rolled beeswax spell candle Two Selenite wands Illustrated instructional cards including- Intention Suggestions pertaining to Venus Venus’ Correspondences A guided Venus Meditation An Ode to Venus hymn (to invoke verbally) A high quality magnet flip-top box and SO much LOVE! You can always count on Venus to bring the most luxurious, beautiful, and sacred presence into ritual. ♥️There are just 4 sets of the Venus ritual box, and you can get it today for 20% off it’s original price. Enjoy! ♥️ ✨Follow the link in my bio to find out more about this AMAZING, sensual experience ✨

Posted by Deleted (82542442) at 2021-09-11 01:53:34 UTC