Okay so I’m ready to finally say what I’ve always been scared to tell people, for fear of not being understood or judged. Although im open with who i am, not everyone knows the depths of myself i have traveled, the pain of an empath thriving through someone else’s hell, how it felt shining in the dark… the secrets i felt worthy enough to be told instead of being stored away in my phones notes forever… lets start from the beginning of when i started writing to myself. Im just a girl born to be wild, untamed. To speak a language without words, to see. A sight so bright… Should i post every note from the very beginning daily? Im afraid ill be talking to myself on here, but i know i wont have to dumb down my words or the way i talk and what i talk about for the beloved people that find interest in my story. A hidden story sunken deep into the ocean of my heart and ignited in my soul✨ - Brynna Rose

Posted by Deleted (b1bab643) at 2021-09-12 08:07:47 UTC