Hello everyone, my names Makayla but people call me Mak for short. I am a young witchling. I started practicing witchcraft when I found out my mom practiced. I am an eclectic witch, I like doing my own thing, but I enjoy seeing what others practice and learning about it, I love nature and art! Art: drawing, and painting are some of my favorite things to do when I am bored. I also love astrology, zodiac signs and the moon. I love animals, I am very animal inclined, I hope to be a marine biologist one day or a vet, I have familiars/animals of my own, I am a proud rat mom of two, and a proud cat mom of four, and a beyond proud snake mom of one! love my babies so much and plan to have many more animals in the future! if you are interested in being my friend or getting to know each other let me know! 🖤 have a lovely morning!

Posted by Deleted (8d3e9ea9) at 2021-03-27 14:45:23 UTC