TWELVE TRUTHS OF IFA 1. There is a single God. 2. There is no Devil. 3. Except for the day you were born and the day you are supposed to die, there is no single event in your life that cannot be forecast and, when necessary, changed. 4. It is your birthright to be happy, successful, and fulfilled. 5. You should grow and obtain wisdom during the process. 6. You are reborn through your blood relatives. 7. Heaven is "home" and Earth "the marketplace." We are in constant passage between the two 8. You are part of the universe in a literal, not figurative, way. 9. You must never initiate harm to another human being. 10. You must never harm the universe of which you are part. 11. Your temporal and spiritual capacities must work together. 12. You are born with a specific path. It is your goal to travel it. Divination provides your roadmap.

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