I hope my writings make a difference to someones life, it almost feels like I’m meant to tell my story, my poems, freely for this community to see. I hope it inspires or ignites passionate flames with the words you may relate to but suppress for fear of drowning in our emotions. Let us release together, i am here for everyone, I’m only a chat away, I’m here to help. Now i choose to start, from the very beginning of my depressed stage of trauma, for now ill have to skip where it began, the guilt I carried, the anger stages, because i would be taking a step off the deep end, without walking through the shallow water of my emotions. I was restrained from my mother, without communication. I missed her face, over a thousand times i reiterated her words. Her cries echoed and bounced, hitting every inch of my brain. My conscious is now aggressively terrorizing my blood cells, running up and down my veins, they’re in pain. My eyes were submerged, drowning, trying to find a way. Im held captive in chaos, and destruction, cataclysmic dreams. What is time? I feel like I don’t exist. I was restrained from my thoughts, merged with unfamiliar faces, and inserted into another world. The oxygen levels decreased, help me, i cant breathe, i screamed i cant breathe. My silence was broken, my tears fall fast, my minds collapsed, i cant see straight, help me make a path, help me to not be scared of whats lurking in the shadows, hiding along the way, I’m trapped in an illusion. Dangerous corrupted state of minds, I’m hallucinating. A burning star in the pit of despair, i stand tall, battle the evil fiend fantasies, and one night my mind took me somewhere white. I told myself my secrets would be buried with me. I don’t belong in this world, but ill stay strong, til the very end. This is my life, i will own it. Never let someone else own it. It is yours, and yours only. I’ll continue these daily. I love you all, even in times when i feel emotionally drained, like I’m being emotionally killed, its in my soul to always have love.

Posted by Deleted (b1bab643) at 2021-09-12 23:39:01 UTC