APPROVED VENDOR Willow’s Paige 20% OFF SALE ON ALL SPHERES SHOWN HERE!!!! Dream Amethyst 70mm $74 Amethyst 64mm $52 Sodalite 66.6mm $57 Coffee Calcite 61.3mm $50 Clear Quartz 62.6mm $60 Dark Labradorite 61.0mm $65 Smoky Quartz 56.6mm SOLD Golden Healer 58.0mm $56 Honey Calcite 47.6mm $30 Honey Calcite 50.4mm $32 Red Jasper 54.6mm $35 Unakite 49.3mm $30 Rainbow Flourite 58.6mm SOLD Icy Flourite 44.5mm $40 Fire Quartz 49.5mm SOLD Smoky Lepidolite 50.1mm $35 Smoky Lepidolite 54.3mm SOLD Lepidolite 50.4mm $30 (Prices listed are before discount!!!) Shipping starts at $9 and goes up by weight. Sphere stands not included. I accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo and Fb Pay. Thank y’all and have a great week!!! The link to my page is listed below:

Posted by Deleted (d0bede9a) at 2021-09-14 00:44:14 UTC