Maybe im going blind but cant stop seeing things in my eyes, when i look around the room, i see shapes, colors, when i look at cabinets, i can see objects behind the door, almost like plates and cups but sometimes i see objects, i try not to pay any attention to shadows, sometimes i can feel them when they’re angry cause they dont know where to go. I feel them from the corners of my eyes, sometimes i hear whispers, i can hear so good, i hear everything, i listen to myself and i hear 3 other people talking at the same time, like the tv, music and someone, and i can hear clearly, my eyesights not been so good either, i dont want to be blind. But my soul says it is blind and i am the seer, i am representing life in my own eyes to my soul, as if it was the greatest experience of my life, but my soul has gone through so much sadness and emotions deeper than anyone could ever handle, because i am strong. It is so hard to feel everyones energy. No one knows how much i really feel.

Posted by Deleted (b1bab643) at 2021-09-16 03:50:02 UTC