The Art of Smoke Cleansing Smoke Cleansing seems to be a popular trend today but the roots date way back to ancient times. Smoke Cleansing is the ancient practice of cleansing a space with herbal smoke. *Not to be confused with a very similar ritual practiced and preformed by Indigenous peoples of North America, Smudging.* Smoke Cleansing has been practiced by people around the world for thousands of years. You can burn many herbs, woods, incense, and resins for Smoke Cleansing: - Any incense you have on hand- Sage (many varieties)- Cedar- Lavender- Chamomile- Mugwort- Juniper - Palo Santo- Yerba Santo- Sweetgrass- Rose- Bayberry - Rosemary- Chamomile - Frankincense resin- Myrrh resin TIPS: *You can also make your own incense cones using store bought herbs and spices as well as essential oils! (We will cover that soon) *You can keep the ashes from your smoke cleansing to use in making Witch's Black Salt! * You can make your own smoke cleansing blend from *dried* herbs and woods by gathering the herbs and plants you'd like to use, hold them tightly in a bundle and wrap with hemp cord or natural twine! **If you don't want to make your own we have many WitchcraftHUB Vendors in our Marketplace group that make their bundles from sustainability sourced materials, or even grow their own! ***If buying white sage we have many Indigenous Vendors you can buy from to help support their community and culture! Just create an 'ISO' post with the smoke cleansing materials you're looking for and our vendors will come to you with pictures and prices! To Smoke Cleanse: Open a window. Light your incense, wood stick or herb bundle and let the flame catch, extinguish the fire and let the smoke flow from the stick. Walk around your space letting the smoke flow freely in all areas. It's best to hold a bowl or plate under your stick to catch any falling ashes. When you're finished make sure your stick is fully extinguished. You don't have to burn your entire bundle at once, you can store the extinguished bundle somewhere safe or even on your altar until you're ready for it's next use!

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