Tonight I created an anointing oil dedicated to Persephone. Here’s everything that went into it… Crystals: Flourite- renewal, harmony, energizing, 3rd eye, peace, empathy, astral travel Rose quartz- unconditional love, compassion, emotional healing, cleansing, empathy, happiness, self-esteem Amethyst- intuition, higher wisdom, balance, 3rd eye, healing, empathy, protection Green aventurine- prosperity, well-being, good luck, 3rd eye, abundance, protection, wards of negativity Larimar- Goddess energy, happiness Herbs: Honey- happiness, healing, love, prosperity, passion, spirituality, faerie Hibiscus- lust, love, divination Rose petals- love, protection, happiness Jasmine- calling spirit guides Lavender- love, peace, protection, sleep, happiness Cornflower- abundance, love, creativity, growth, 3rd eye, psychic awakening, acceptance, healing, awareness, rituals, fertility, self knowledge. Spearmint- healing, love, mental power Oddities: Rabbit paw bone: helping hand Oils: (5-10 drops of each) Vanilla- love, money, lust Geranium- raises vibrations, rebirth, new beginnings Ylang ylang- love, protection, sex, self-confidence Bergamot- balance, joy, strength Jasmine- calling spirit guides Lavender- love, peace, protection, sleep, Happiness Almond oil (top with)- prosperity, money, love, wisdom, healing Charm: Key- symbol of the underworld

Posted by Deleted (4f7d54b5) at 2021-09-29 02:46:16 UTC