My name's Kat, I'm 22, and live in PA USA. I've been a part of a LGBT+ pen pal group, but most have stopped responding. Would love to start connecting with people again. I'm open to anywhere, but would prefer to talk to woman and those who are nonbinary. My path is eclectic. I enjoy crystals, herbs, tarot and oracle, and work with some deities. I'm also starting to get into astrology (I'm scorpio). I have several witchcraft books that I enjoy going through. I love crafting (resin, cards, crocheting), reading, and my cats. I like learning about anything supernatural. I can go into more detail in our letters. If any of this sounds interesting, send me a PM.

Posted by Deleted (d8c1ad74) at 2021-09-30 18:36:12 UTC