Hey everybody! So I have decided to make something a little different. I made witch confetti! But the listing is full a jar. So it’s a 1 cup scoop and fills a jar with a cork lid. Use the jar to store whatever you want afterward. Each jar may have any of these contents… Anointing oil Crystals Charms Jewelry Wrapped stones Black salt or Himalayan salt Shells Beads Little skulls Palo santo I only made 4!!! If you wants one go to my shop and grab one. I’m not sure if I will make these again. After costs I’m going to end up breaking even. Also there are 2 different charms I purchased for the bottle. Be sure to let me know which one you prefer. https://etsy.me/3v2uapQ

Posted by Deleted (4f7d54b5) at 2021-10-09 21:19:22 UTC