Hey beautiful witches! Are you into planetary magick yet? If not, I highly recommend you look into it! Each planet and zodiac sign has their unique gift and Astrological transits are amazing gateways towards manifesting specific goals pertaining to those gifts . As we build intimate relationships with the stars, who influence our lives so profoundly, we are met with SO many amazing blessings in our lives. I paint, print and cut all of these fine art altar cards myself and put SO much love and care into every print I make. My prints are of the highest artistic quality, and I sign, date, and label them all. ✨ The Celestial Influence Altar Card series features a set of 22, 3.5X7.5 inch, hand painted Altar card prints representing the 10 magickal planets and the 12 signs of the zodiac. I also sell them individually!These cards are made with the intention to work with magically, placing on the altar when performing spells and rituals that correspond to, and coincide with, specific celestial energies and gifts. Pairing a Planet card with a Zodiac card during an auspicious transit, like Mercury in Gemini, or Venus in Libra for example, invites these gifts to be amplified in our experience. Invoking these energies through art helps us more deeply refine our aims so that we may hop on the current of these magnified energies at play with intention and beauty. Find more information about this set and each individual card by visiting my shop! There’s a lot to see 🧚‍♂️ Etsy.com/shop/annasbreath Much love witchy family!

Posted by Deleted (82542442) at 2021-10-11 05:37:52 UTC