Welcome to WitchcraftHUB Marketplace! Our Vendors are vetted and approved so you can shop safely, and with confidence, while also supporting small businesses in your own witchy community! Here in our marketplace, you can find all kinds of unique, hand-made treasures as well as crystals, candles, herbs, stones, oils, jewelry, decor, clothing and so much more! If you haven't found what you're looking for you can create an 'ISO' (in search of) post describing what you're looking for or even just your budget, our vendors will respond to your post in the comment section with pictures and prices in a very easily scrollable format! You can click their link, check out their shop, add what you like to your cart, then hit back and keep scrolling through your post! We want to bring you the absolute best shopping experience, if you have any questions please feel free to ask! **You must be a registered vendor for WitchcraftHUB to sell in this Marketplace, if you're unsure what that means, please reach out to admin at Support@witchcrafthub.com ** We don't have many rules here but the ones we do have are very important! Vendor Terms & Conditions can be found on our website. We hold our vendors to a high standard to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, as such, we also hold our customers to a high standard to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Vendors! Rules being: - If you claim an item, for example on a Vendor's live stream, and you do not follow through with that purchase (with lack of good reason and communication) you will be blocked from ALL of our platforms. - We welcome ALL in this community. If you're found to be discriminating against anyone for any reason you'll be blocked from all platforms as well. No hate speech, no bullying, no intentionally mislabeling, telling someone how to use/not use their magic, or any other rude and harmful behavior! - Basically just be a decent person! That's all we ask! If you see something you think would go against our standards, please, let us know! We cant always see everything and rely on our wonderful members to keep this a safe and awesome community for everyone! - We love customer feedback, feel free to come back and share/review anything you've found here, we'd love to hear about it! - If you have any questions or issues at all please let an admin or moderator know! We are here to help! Thank you for being here and welcome, we are excited to have this amazing community!

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