Beautiful Vanadinite! I have a few pieces in stock. Message me for more information. $3-$5 per piece. ❤️ Vanadinite is a stone known for facilitating and expanding the mental process while also promoting action and production. It’s a perfect crystal for long hours of work, studying, or exercising. This stone activates the lower three chakras, giving one the enhanced focus and determination to see long sought out projects come to completion. Vanadinite also activates the third eye and allows for clear thought and patience during these long projects or workouts. Vanadinite also enhances those long and deep meditative sessions.This special crystal helps create an empty mind that can be used as a sponge during these sessions, absorbing knowledge and information. Vanadinite pushes for organizations of thoughts and ideas, and will help bridge your goals to the Earth realm. Vanadinite stimulates sexual energy and can assist anyone who may have trouble getting aroused. Vanadinite promotes sexual creativity and allows one to connect to that animalistic side that may have been locked away due to inactivity. Vanadinite harmonizes well with other crystals to enhance it’s vibrations. When working on strengthening our sacral chakra, it’s recommended to use Carnelian or Zincite in association with Vanadinite. Using Iolite and Lapis Lazuli will help open and unlock third eye capabilities, bridging the mind to earth. For those deep and intuitive mediation sessions, we recommended to use Marcasite with Vanadinite. Marcasite will help with understanding of psychic visions and what those messages mean.

Posted by Deleted (7e278e83) at 2021-04-28 16:00:50 UTC