These are the books I’ve been reading/working on. The “Chakra” activity book/ journal was my first book when I started on my spiritual journey. Crystals & making my body as a whole better as far as my health both physical & spiritual was the driving force and what first initiated everything. Then, I got “The Mindful Witch” when Wicca started calling me... Finally, the top book found me actually! I had found it in a donation pile a couple years ago & picked it up for my ex actually. It had found its way into my storage & it came to mind basically out of nowhere a few weeks ago I remembered how I had it. Went looking for it and found it quite fast actually. I am enjoying it a lot actually but I am ALWAYS open for any suggestions.

Posted by Deleted (8d527b83) at 2021-05-15 16:11:07 UTC