Hi I just found this app and I’m so happy to be here. I belonged to an amino and they deleted all of my blogs after 4 yrs. it was disappointing and heart breaking and now when I post, they delete it. So here I am, this is my intro. I’m a mother of 11, I’m 40 lol. I gave birth to 5. I’m a hereditary witch with a bit of psychic and shaman visions. My family is half Irish and Native American and half polish. I have crazy family history. I love herbs, oils, cooking, gardening, crystals, drawing, crafting. I’m a tarot collector and love new decks. I’m excited to find like minded ppl. I have a YouTube channel, I do unboxings and flip throughs... I’m horrible though lol... I’m labeled as social impaired... I get awkward. So I have a hard time.

Posted by Deleted (4f7d54b5) at 2021-05-16 00:16:55 UTC