Do you have a favorite crystal & stone? Are there ones you find yourself working with all the time? 🔮 My favorite crystal is smoky quartz. I love the look of it, the feel of it in my hand. When I hold it next to the flames, I can hear it whisper. It works well to store my dreams for recall. 🔮 My favorite stone - I have a couple: malachite, obsidian, and the Shiva lingam stone. I carry them in my medicine pouch as a constant along with the smoky quartz. Sometimes I carry others with them. 🔮 I work with malachite often, it’s great for protection, aligning my chakras, and among other things, it amplifies prosperity spells. Clear quartz both male and female are always there during any work I’m doing including kitchen magick. Calligraphy jasper is with me on all spell work, art, writing ✍️. Anything else is added on an as needed basis. 🙂 - pictured is the first smoky quartz that called to me. He’s been with me many years.

Posted by Deleted (d53cefe0) at 2021-05-16 00:40:53 UTC