Hello everyone, I am new to this app and I have to admit, I am a nervous to try this but I’d thought I’d give it a shot. I am 29 years old and I have been practicing witchcraft for over a year now but I have been showing signs/practicing since I was a child. I never officially practiced earlier because I thought you had to be a Wiccan to be a witch and I didn’t want to follow that faith. So it was always something that I didn’t have a name for. When I learned that witchcraft was a path, not a religion, I felt so relieved that I finally had a name for my experiences and my beliefs. I guess if you could give me a title, I would be a catholic eclectic (sea?) witch. I am also clairaudient mostly and some of the other clairs at times. The reason why I am reaching out for a witchy pen pal, is because I am so excited about my path and witchcraft in real life but I do not have many people to talk to about it or anyone who is excited about it as I am. I want to share my experiences, what I have been learning about, and I would be interested in hearing what you have been learning too. Another thing that I want to mention is I am an extremely closeted witch. My family does not know.....most people in my life have no idea. The only person who knows the most about me is my boyfriend and I still hide things from him. I am looking forward to talking with you! Have a good day! ✨

Posted by Deleted (7465e00d) at 2021-05-17 18:13:10 UTC