New Job Prosperity Bowl I’ll find a job that is delightful, fulfilling, and financially stable. The hours allow me to continue focusing on my education, and I am able to have time for my health, family, and friends. It propels me forward in my career, and I am happy. This job arrives speedily. Ingredients: Herbs: Sprig of peppermint Basil Coffee beans/ground coffee Dried orange slice Cinnamon stick Bay leaf Crystals: Tigers eye Aventurine Pyrite Citrine Clear Quartz Other: Yellow candle Bowl 5 coins Dollar Bill Instructions: Cleanse everything first. Then light the candle. Lay your herb ingredients (minus the coffee) into the bowl as a sort of bed/foundation, with the orange slice in the center. On the dollar bill, write the paragraph I have below the picture above, or write the specifics of what you're looking for in the new job. Do not write what you are NOT wanting. On the bay leaf, write a simplified version of this- just straight up one to three words of what you want. Wrap the dollar around the bay leaf, using wax from the candle to hold the fold down in place. Lay it over the orange slice in the bowl. Place your five coins in a pentagram around the dollar bill in the bowl. Sprinkle the coffee over everything in the bowl. I have smaller crystals inside of the bowl, and bigger crystals outside charging it. But you can lay the crystals out in a grid around the bowl and later put those crystals inside the bowl. Maintenance: "feed" this spell when you feel it is needed, such as after/before an interview or when searching for jobs to apply to. You can feed it by adding more ingredients, recharging it in a crystal grid, holding it while meditating on your intent, relighting the candle, etc.

Posted by Deleted (be386e82) at 2021-02-15 21:40:16 UTC