I see a lot of book posts going around lately. Here are MOST of the books that have influenced my spiritual path. Some I’ve long since finished, some I’m still working through. In addition to these I’m working through (or listened to the audible version of, or read but then lent out the book) : 🌻 Green Witchcraft - Paige Vanderbeck 🌻 Weave the Liminal - Laura Tempest Zakroff 🌻 New World Witchery - Corey Hutcheson 🌻 Tending Brigid’s Flame - Lunaea Weatherstone 🌻 Wicked Plants - Amy Stewart 🌻 Here All Along - Sarah Hurwitz 🌻 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Caitlin Doughty

Posted by Deleted (6350ead0) at 2021-05-17 21:55:30 UTC