Story time... So the first time I ever remember having any kind of connection to spirit was when I was 5. My family and I just moved in this old house. Most of my toys were still packed but I wanted a stuffed puppy dog I had. The box of toys were in the basement which for some kids they would’ve been scared to go to. My house was set up like a duplex so if you open my kitchen door there was basement stairs or stairs to go up stairs. So the basement stairs were old cement stairs that were huge to me but I remember hopping down and going in their digging in my box. There was another room off the main room and I don’t know why but something told me to go in there and open the wall. Note at the time it seemed odd because being 5 I didn’t know about secret rooms and the most I watched on tv was Sesame Street and my little pony. Anyways I went and open the wall. Inside was a cement room and far about 15feet to the right was a cement block. Whatever told me to open that wall wanted me to go by the cement block. I was kinda freaked at that point because it gave me anxiety. It was dark and cold and it felt like something was there waiting for me. I never went in that back corner and after that never opened that wall. I recently told my mom about the wall opening and she looked at me like I was nuts. Nobody else new it was there?! Now that I’m older I would like to go back there just to see. I’ll never forget though. I know something happened there, not sure what, and it wasn’t good. But for closure I want to see.

Posted by Deleted (4f7d54b5) at 2021-05-20 04:47:27 UTC