I went to a local Occult store today that I’ve always heard about, but knowing one of the owners from a toxic coven she used to run, I had stayed away. It’s been many years since I’ve seen her, thinking since I was spending time with my daughter, we’d give it a whirl. I’d heard they had a nice selection of herbs and I needed spikenard. It’s this little hole in the wall that has some of the same old same old you see, but also the wall of herbs, hag stones, and cowrie shells. I got these two things and a large hag stone that is being purified on one of my altars. The owner came out of the back, a cloud of cigarette smoke trailing behind her stinking up the whole place. And my husband told me when he handled the hag stone that it stunk. It did. I scrubbed it, set it in salt, scrubbed it again, and it’s been smudged. If you’re going to run a shop/sell goods, don’t smoke in your store. Smoke outside. 🙄

Posted by Deleted (d53cefe0) at 2021-05-22 00:40:22 UTC