✨ Tarot Practice for Beginners ✨ I have been practicing Tarot for a couple of years now, so I thought I would share my thoughts and advice... ✨ Your first deck: I would advise you to go for the classic Rider-Waite Tarot, which is beginner-friendly and the one you will find the most resources about. But if there is another one you really want, go for it! As long as you don’t buy all the time from Amazon( that’s just my personal preference. You certainly can purchase where you please) , it’s all good for me. ✨ Draw one card every day: that is the best way to learn all the cards’ meanings at the beginning, as it enables you to go through the deck rapidly, and learn the 78 cards. ✨ Don’t hesitate to look online: there are excellent resources to read each cards’ meanings and correspondences, you do not need to buy an expensive book at the beginning. I especially love Biddy Tarot. ✨ The meaning is up to you: it doesn’t have to be divination if that’s not what you believe in. I personally use Tarot as a self-development, self-reflection tool. It doesn’t give me the future, but helps me get a different perspective on my life. ✨ Use it responsibly: if you start reading Tarot for others, be mindful of the advice you are giving. You are not their therapist, or certified in any way, and some problems need much more assistance than just a Tarot spread. ✨ Thank your deck: after each practice, I have started the habit of whispering “thank you” to my deck. It gives me a stronger connection to my deck, and helps me feel grateful and respect for this tool. ✨ Charge your deck: when I’m not using it, I like to place it under a crystal or near a source of fire (candle, fireplace) to cleanse it and let it charge until I pick it up again.

Posted by Deleted (be386e82) at 2021-02-16 19:25:32 UTC