Anxiety in witchy shops. So the shop by me I had a bad experience. My family is witches too but I have abilities they don’t. So I got bad vibes instantly when I walked in but I wanted to ask questions. The lady just kinda snorted me off and said she has books I could read. I was looking for answers or personal experience and she just brushed me off. I felt like she wasn’t authentic. I didn’t want to borrow her books because then I would obviously have to return. So my mom lives an hour from me and I went with my little sister to the shop by her and the first thing my sister did was introduced me, the lady was friendly, but they said this is the sister my mom was talking about then she called... what was she talking about me for?! Ok so I was in the army and I’m socially impaired already. However, now I get anxiety in every shop. I want others I can talk to but at this point I can do open pen pals 😂 do any of you have this problem?

Posted by Deleted (4f7d54b5) at 2021-05-23 23:22:06 UTC