Things to research as a beginner witch These are just some off the top of my head. Please feel free to drop other tips! Please remember to keep it on topic and respectful. πŸ•― The history of witchcraft πŸ•― Types of witches πŸ•― Types of Magic πŸ•― Types of spells πŸ•― Types of Divination πŸ•― Talismans vs Sigils πŸ•― Seals πŸ•― Symbols πŸ•― Deities πŸ•― Spirits πŸ•― Lucid dreaming πŸ•― Astral Projection πŸ•― The elements πŸ•― Grounding πŸ•― Herbs & Crystals πŸ•― Altars πŸ•― Moon phases πŸ•― Energy

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