Hey guys, I’m new to this app. I’ve always been pretty intuitive and have been reading tarot for about 8 months now. I run a tarot tiktok and would love to do some readings for anyone who’s interested! They’re free of course, and if you’re on tiktok I can tag you or I can leave your reading anonymous and send you the link or send the video of your reading to you directly. I’d like to do 14 readings (2 a day), but I’d do more if I have more people interested. I also have a t-shirt shop with witchy- and BIPOC-related designs if anyone is interested. I’m just getting started with selling so I don’t have a lot of variety yet. I’m also a novelist, I write mostly paranormal and urban fantasy dark romance so if we have any readers here, let me know! I need beta readers for my work. Sorry if this post is long, just wanted to put it all out there. Love and light to everyone 🌙❤️

Posted by Deleted (d8fd6c74) at 2021-05-31 15:17:51 UTC