🌙 DIVINATION & TAROT BOX GIVEAWAY 🌙 I am SO thrilled to announce that Haute Woodcraft is hosting our first **GIVEAWAY**! 😁😁 What's to Win? A handmade Blue Lavender/Jasmine Familiar Divination & Tarot Box, perfect for storing your tarot cards, valuables, and Magick pieces. This piece can lighten up any alter with a watchful familiar of your own and features like home grown pressed herbs and beautiful colors. This is a $54.00 value item! 🦋 How To Enter AND WIN 🦋 * Follow our Instagram and tag** two** friends who adore nature www.instragram.com https://www.instagram.com/hautewoodcraft/ * Follow our Facebook Haute Woodcraft * Comment your favorite herb and why on this post! And that's it! Winner will be chosen **Monday** at **12:00pm MTN Time. Contest will stay running until Monday 10:00 am MTN Time. One winner, one entry per person**🍂🦋 For a limited amount of time, our store www.hautewoodcraft.com is offering free shipping for orders over $75, as well as offering 10% off any purchase thru 6/15!** ** **Can't wait to see who wins!!!! <3 **

Posted by Deleted (b82ecfd1) at 2021-06-04 20:06:44 UTC