Hi! I’ve been practicing witchcraft and earth-based spirituality for about a year now. I’m still working out what feels right for me, as I was raised Protestant and am not yet comfortable giving up on some ideas and themes of my Christian upbringing. To some extent I’m exploring the idea of Christian witchcraft, but there aren’t too many people out there that also do so, so I’ve kind of just been doing my own solitary thing. While I feel connected to some extent to the moon, I generally feel most connected with the sun. To me, the sun is life, warmth, courage, power, and happiness. In a sense, I kind of view the sun and moon as two halves of the same coin: light. The sun is brazen, bold, and difficult to see clearly, but shines in beauty and is calming when it’s light is reflected in the moon. I love a clear full moon night when there are moonlight shadows—I am a witch of the light and shadows. My witchy name (Solyra) is derived from the sun (sol) and lyric: song of the sun. Sometimes I also go by Solstice. So although I do follow the esbats/moon phases, I have been moreso trying to go all out celebrating the sabbats. I’ve been celebrating the wheel of the year sabbats as they approach. The only one I have yet to celebrate is Lammas/Lughnasah (spelling? 😂), because when I started my practice I was so new that I had no idea there were even sabbats until Mabon. I made my own set of elder futhark runes and and have been steadily working toward incorporating them as a regular divinatory tool. I’m still learning to use them in magic though. I don’t know much about tarot cards, but am interested in learning! I haven’t yet found an affordable Oracle deck that I want. I’m still doing a lot of learning. I use podcasts and Pinterest for most of my learning, but also use YouTube and instagram. Up to now, my practice has been focused on ritual baths, banishing and protection magic, runic divination, growing and using herbs, meditation/grounding/centering, earth-based stuff, and candle magic. I make my own spell candles, ritual bath salts, and spell jars! I sometimes like to do kitchen magic as well 😊 I don’t feel particularly drawn to crystals or astrology in my magical practice—although I think crystals are very pretty and I love astronomy! Here are some pictures from my practice!

Posted by Deleted (2a5f33a0) at 2021-06-25 16:52:05 UTC