Karma Revenge Spell Name, See the cruelty and the pain that you have caused me once again. Tonight I turn the tables three times three To bring light to your actions, so I will be free. Name, When the light fades and dusk comes through, the pain you caused me will come back to you, I say this spell to Karma tonight, so the realization may sink into your soul, when you look in my eyes and see pain you caused Goddess of Love and Motherhood Hathor, I am a Witch, I Stand and Fight, As it is above, so be it below. Goddess of Truth, Morality, Justice, Order, Harmony Maat Please hear my plea May you work on behalf of me, By the Power of Three. May this be a Lesson to You Name, So no Other Woman may Suffer by You May none including me be Harmed by the words of this Spell, Name, Is the only one meant to feel the Wrath of a Woman Scorned... May the tears of my soul, poison your heart As I say it, so shall it be May this Lesson be Lengthy With no satisfaction and only uncertainty. Let pain come over you, over again... May this spell come to pass With the Greatest Intent So Mote It Be

Posted by Deleted (be386e82) at 2021-02-28 13:37:08 UTC