Cigar ash Lemon juice Black box And maybe even a little graveyard dirt can go a long way You’ll thank me later 🙃 Edit: for any of my grey witches it’s a hex to teach someone a little lesson the graveyard dirt is used as an extra when you wanna shroud someone around death. Use a picture or write the people of intended target smoke it in lemon juice then put the picture in a black box cover it in cigar ash if you want to add the dirt always ask the spirit of the dead person before taking dirt from their grave if it’s okay. Then bury it under the light of a full moon you also use this as a mason jar hex as well. If you want to undo it. 4 black candles and a mirror and ask spirit to assist you in removing it. Burn the box in the middle of a Himalayan sea salt circle to protect yourself from any outside energies that may try to backfire your way

Posted by Deleted (be386e82) at 2021-02-28 13:43:45 UTC