For everyone who was wanting to know how to make the dandelion oil and salve, here you go! Good luck and blessed be!πŸ₯°πŸŒΌπŸŒ± *Dandelion Herbal Oil Put the dandelion flowers into a pint sized jar and cover them with oil. (Make sure you dry them out first) Let your dandelion oil sit in a dark place for a week or two, but not too much longer than that as it can spoil pretty quickly. Strain out the flowers using a fine mesh sieve and a cheesecloth so that you can really squeeze all of the dandelion goodness out. *Dandelion Salve 1 cup dandelion infused oil 1 ounce beeswax 1 ounce refined shea butter 12-24 drops essential oils of your choice Create a makeshift double boiler by putting a small bowl or a glass Pyrex measuring cup over a pot with about an inch of simmering water. Put the dandelion oil and beeswax into the small bowl or Pyrex, and heat until the beeswax completely dissolves into the oil, stirring occasionally. Add the shea butter and stir until it completely dissolves. Stir in the essential oils. Carefully pour the mixture into small jars or tins and let sit until the salve sets up completely.

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