What is scrying? Scrying, or “peeping”, or “seeing” is a form of peering into something (think crystal ball, tea leaves, scrying mirrors) for answers; a form of divination. The name can be different like crystallomancy to describe what tool is being used for divination. A lot of people are interested in black mirror scrying- here’s a way to save hella chunks of change by making your own. Pick out a picture frame with glass, not plastic. The size is up to you, but I find smaller better like 5x7”. Try not to get a frame that is too distracting. Get some black acrylic paint. Take the glass out of the frame and paint the underside of the glass black. Leave no gaps in the paint. Allow to dry & put the painted side face down in the frame. You want the shiny glass on top for reflection. You’re ready to use a very personal scrying mirror- for its already got your energy on it 😉

Posted by Deleted (d53cefe0) at 2021-07-13 00:28:52 UTC