Hey 👋! I notice a trend on these social sites: new witches with tons of questions, and seasoned witches looking for new ideas, or just something fresh to read. I have a new blog that I’m working on that will answer magical questions. I will be posting witchcraft related posts, and I will have a giveaway page. I’m sharing this here because: 1. I’m not selling you anything 2. There’s no membership or secret pages that only donators can access 3. I wish I’d had this when I was first learning. Some of the topics covered here under my identity will be reposted there. I know things get lost in the shuffle. I will also be monitoring repeat questions here to cover there. I will still post here as well! I will also share links to things I’d either buy, or is just a great informational link. Knowledge is power, and confidence in your craft is what starts the magic flowing! Postings will be daily, and often!

Posted by Deleted (d53cefe0) at 2021-07-16 13:54:27 UTC