Today the sun moved into the zodiac sign Leo the lion @ 10:26am🦁 ♌️ . We are now in the fixed energy era AKA the middle of the summer and the hottest time of the year (in northern hemisphere) . The sun ☀️ which is Leo’s ruling planet is at its height like a full moon but with solar energy and blight light. Leo’s tarot card is the strength card which stands for moral force. Self/confidence and inner strength is a hugely heighten aspect to this sign. They have the great ability in confidence and overcoming problems through willpower. It’s key for them to have faith in your own abilities at this time. Sometimes they need to turn down the levels of energy because it burns so intense. But they are courageous, energetic, have great strength in general, vitality,and healing. They need help working on taming the beast within harnessing instinctive desires. Proper channeling of the libido and beauty. Advice during this time is to rely on inner strength, great to solve problems, it’s also the time to have faith in yourself. Related to the number 8 which stands for unity, they are also related with animals that are in nature. They love to be in the spot light for the most and are proud of there achievements,and aren’t shy to share it vocally. They are great at magic working with self confidence spells. On a Sunday at noon be outside in the sun snd soak up its energies. Okay so this is Leo the Lion 101 part one! Hope you found this insightful and interesting, let me know what you think. 🦁😊

Posted by Deleted (6e4ddec3) at 2021-07-23 07:28:19 UTC